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Rear Trailing Arm Inner Bush

2302,- Kč



Inner bush kit is supplied with mounting bolt. Original Ford bolt needs to be cut off to be removed. Full details enclosed with fitting instructions.

The inner bush kit (PFR19-111) is complete with two M12 x 90mm bolts and nylock nuts.

It is not possible to remove the old bush from the inner swinging arm because of the location of the rear differential. To remove the old bush it is best to undo the retaining nut and then cut the head off of the bolt with a hacksaw or angle grinder. Then remove the bolt from the nut end. Fit the new bushes the rear beam assembly needs to be lowered to enable removal of the old bushes. It may be necessary to remove the rear trailing arm complete and use a hydraulic press to remove the old bushes.

Re-assemble these bushes into suspension components using a small smear of the grease supplied.

To get the most benefit from your new bushes we recommend that the suspension geometry is checked and set after fitting any new bushes.

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  • Kód: PFR19-111
  • Výrobce: Powerflex

Tento produkt byl přidán dne Středa 25. květen 2011.